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About Us

We saw the movie "Food Inc." in 2010 and it changed how we thought about food.  And life.  The following year we started a little farm in Ardmore Tennessee, with a few Gelbvieh cows and some young Hampshire hogs. By 2012 we had enough livestock to start selling some grass fed beef and pork at a local farmer's market.

We learned so much.  And most of all, we learned that farming is hard.


If you know a farmer who is growing food for people, what the department of agriculture calls "Specialty Crops", you know, stuff like fruits and veggies, you should thank them.  Or hug them.  But most of all, your should buy stuff from them.  Because farming on a small scale is very hard on many levels.


Starting from grass fed beef and pastured pork, we added bakery items, preserves, free-range eggs, heirloom plants, micro greens, herbs and vinegars. And we have informally become a neighborhood "Agritourism" destination. 


And we're still learning.


We decided to separate the meat livestock from the laying hens and the dairy cows and came up with YK Farms, still in Ardmore Tennessee.  The dairy, eggs and bakery moved with Free Hearts Farm  to the farm right next door, also in Ardmore TN.

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